Human Resources & Institutional Development Unit

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Director Message

Dr. Eyad Shaban

The Human Resources and Institutional Development Unit was established by Deans Council Resolution No. (02/15/2021-2022) dated 09/09/2021, after restructuring the Human Resources and Administrative Development Unit, the Accreditation Department and the Library Department, to include the following departments and divisions : 

  • Administrative Affairs Department:

- Administrative Staff Affairs Division.

- Central Bureau.

  • Accreditation and Academic Affairs Department:

- Accreditation Division.

- Faculty Members Affairs Division.

  • Library Department.
  • Institutional Development Department:

- Quality Division.

- Planning Division.

- Measurement and Evaluation Division.

Administrative Affairs Department

Accreditation & Academic Affairs Department

Institutional Development Department

Library Department


23 Tuesday, 8 2022

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The Global Engagement Center organized a booming Conference on the emerging trends in digital busine...

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10 Wednesday, 8 2022

Al-Ahliyya Amman University holds a seminar on Traffic Safety in coope...

The Deanship of Student Affairs at our University held an awareness seminar under the title “Traffic...

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5 Tuesday, 7 2022

Our President Prof. Sari Hamdan honors the winners of the Hourani Priz...

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28 Tuesday, 6 2022

A remarkable achievement for Al-Ahliyya Amman University players at th...

The four-star Asian Taekwondo Championship, which was held in the South Korean city of Chuncheon, wa...

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