Human Resources & Institutional Development Unit

Higher Education and Scientific Research Law

Law Amending of the Higher Education Law

Jordanian Universities Law

Law Amending of the Jordanian Universities Law

Social Security Law

Law Amending of the Social Security Law

Work Law

Financial system

Academic Staff System

Administrative Staff System

Salaries and Bonuses System for Academic Staff

Salaries and Bonuses System for Administrative Staff

Overtime Instructions for Academic Staff

Overtime Instructions for Administrative Staff

Financial Department Instructions

System of Practicing the Audiology Profession

The Housing Fund System for University Employees

System of Practicing the Speech Therapy Profession

Regulations of Awarding the Bachelor Degree

Regulations of Awarding the Master Degree

Instructions of the General Supplies Department

Instructions of Advisory Boards

Regulations of Transferring and Ranking for Academic Staff Members

Instructions of Graduation Projects for the Students of Engineering Faculty

Instructions of Pharmaceutical Training for Students

Instructions of Training the MA Students of Clinical Psychology Program

Instructions of Field Training for the Students of Architecture and Design Faculty

Instructions of Field Training for the Students of Faculty Engineering

Regulations of Students Council

Instructions of Students’ Discipline

Regulations of Female-Students Dorms

Instructions of Scientific Research

Overtime- work for Academic Staff Members (Full-Time and Part-Time Lecturers)

Regulations of Students’ Clubs

Legislative Guide