Human Resources & Institutional Development Unit

The Human Resources and Institutional Development Unit was established by Deans Council Resolution No. (02/15/2021-2022) dated 09/09/2021, after restructuring the Human Resources and Administrative Development Unit, the Accreditation Department and the Library Department, to include the following departments and divisions : 

- Administrative Staff Affairs Division.

- Central Bureau.

- Accreditation Division.

- Faculty Members Affairs Division.

- Quality Division.

- Planning Division.

- Measurement and Evaluation Division.

Where the unit, through the Department of Administrative Affairs, is concerned with implementing all instructions and procedures related to members of the administrative body and their transactions, and attracting people with the appropriate qualifications and practical experience, which contributes to improving The university’s vision, mission and goals are fulfilled, and the unit, through the Central Court, follows up internal and external correspondence, documenting, preserving and archiving documents, and supervising the mechanism of their preservation in a way that facilitates the process of retrieval. 

The unit, through the Library Department, organizes paper and electronic information sources in accordance with international library standards and works to meet the needs of academic programs and scientific research from the sources of information necessary to improve the library services it provides to students and members of the teaching and administrative staff.

The unit also, through the Department of Accreditation and Academic Affairs, follows up the university's commitment to public and private accreditation standards, and contributes to the development of academic programs and study plans in line with the general framework of public and private accreditation standards, and is working on studying the possibility of raising the absorptive capacity of the disciplines that accept Students must register therein, in addition to studying the actual needs of colleges of faculty members, and in accordance with the requirements and conditions of accreditation, and following up on the affairs of faculty members (appointment, contract renewal, transfer, promotion vacations, resignations, job stability, overtime).

The unit also works through the Institutional Development Department by contributing to the preparation, reviewing and updating of the strategic plan, and following up on the preparation of work plans The annual implementation and implementation in coordination and cooperation with colleges, deanships and organizational units, in addition to following up the implementation of the quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and following up the application of "quality assurance standards in higher education institutions" at the university level, preparing a self-assessment study in coordination and cooperation with stakeholders and working to achieve it, in addition to Review and update the systems, instructions, policies, procedures, descriptions, functional structures and the general organizational structure in a way that contributes to the process of continuous improvement.